Graphite, Wood Panel
8 x 10 in

In 2015, I was 22 years old. I was into a variety of art and was astonished by artists like Dan Colen, David Choe, and thecampaignbook. My admiration for them lead me to look for my own ideas.

At that time I was working at an Italian restaurant as a server. The waiter and waitresses would write food orders and after I would be read them and take the food to the tables. In that process, I saw different styles of handwriting and few of them were messy enough that I would sometimes misread what was written. One night while I misread an order, the idea came to me of intentionally writing words improperly so that a word may look like one, or an other.

It takes a lot of tries to get the look right, and in that sense it feels less like writing and more like drawing. As though trying to draw a perfect circle.

As someone who is a passionate writer and uses writing as a tool to express and find sincerity, I sometimes think to myself “Words feel deficient in the ability to convey…to you”. And what I appreciate about this series of works, is that it expands my ability to communicate.