Define who I am with the use of exceptional insults and adamant conviction. Humiliate me in public and arrange me to the bottom of its hierarchy. Steal without repercussion until I can no longer afford to be its victim.

Make me ugly to the eyes of every beholder; that I hide and avert the sight of my own reflection. Develop feelings of either loathing or apathy so that my only experience with love is its yearning. Be disloyal and reduce the proclamation of love to incoherent, nonsensical language. Leave — that I may cry out for you to no avail.

Hinder me with exhaustion by interrupting sleep with stresses and anxieties. Combine your efforts with others till it is too much for one to oppose. Remove freedom and choice by asserting your will over mine. Fulfill none of my hopes and leave my purpose unfinished. Inflict harm, intentionally or incidentally, until I am impaired or dead.

Offer no apology or help. Give no consolation or mercy. Feel no regret.

But do not miss or avoid me, so that I may always meet you with courage. Do not rest or let me recover, so that I may always endure. Resist so I may exercise strength.