love /lʌv/ n.

Words feel deficient in the ability to convey my love to you. It would take a lexicographer years to define this love in its entirety. Still I can try to compensate by making the greatest effort inspired by you. You are my vocation and every day I sit at my desk and work. My tasks consist of introspection, recreating your image from memory, and archiving your existence because it is historically significant. I look for any excuse to be close to you. Your beauty is like a miracle, as if by god so I may believe. Disoriented thoughts and stuttered speech are symptoms of your presence. You are the active ingredient to my relief. I could collect everything you touch as though they’re the finest of treasures. The reception of your embrace made warmth feel like a first encounter. Your proximity alters my perception of time, making it pass slowly when we’re distant and too quick when we’re close. I am in a state of mental disorder as normal functions are impaired by uncontrollable and reoccurring thoughts of you. My body winces at the prospect of your absence. Just a few days with you is enough to give content to an otherwise disagreeable existence. Our association is a demonstration of your humility. You better my behaviour and judgement. I want to take care of you — enough to also make up for even your past experiences with neglect. Separately you and I make two wholes — but our union makes us a phenomenon, like the inosculation of two trees. If my words are considered poetry, then I credit you as the author, because it is you who guides me to them. My ambition is to publicise this text, so my feelings for you are renewed with each time it is read. I’ve stapled it onto utility poles throughout the city. I’ve broken the law by pasting larger prints onto building walls. I love you. Everything seems an interruption because my love continues without pause. And if a moment comes that I no longer love you, it will be because I’ve died and my legacy is that I loved you. You are so undeniable, that if you were captured in the hands of a talented artist, you would live forever.