People might interpret this video as an artwork that is about heartbreak, or my vulnerabilities that are on display as a sign of weakness. But I view the work similarly to the words of Jordan Peterson; the vulnerability that comes up is more about opening oneself up to the world in a way that isn’t defensive, that is unashamed and courageous. And not just announcing that to other people but also announcing it to oneself.

Also people can be moved to tears for different reasons, whether it’s by physical pain, sadness, laughter, joy, beauty, or when someone touches our “soul”. While I could leave the interpretation up to the viewer, perhaps it would be a disservice to the person who wrote the letters if I weren’t to say, that the artwork has to do with the latter of those reasons.

The significance of the feelings found in this video and the wisdom from the video “True Love Is A Love Of Giving” which was inspired by the words of Abraham Twerski, is on display when compared side by side with my “Tinder Series” of artworks such as “I prolly like your friend better”.

I prolly like your friend better, 2022

The Tinder Series was never about pity or insecurity, it’s about how poorly we might listen or treat one another in a way that can have influence, not just on other people but an influence on ourselves. Similar to the influence of those love letters and what inspired them.