Dirty conscience, 2020
Dirt on canvas
9 x 12 in

Early on into my interest in contemporary art I was looking at art online when I came across these really cool abstract paintings by an artist named Sam Goodman. Since then I always wanted to do something abstract but I felt like I never really had a good reason why.

That is until recently when I had this idea of making a simple abstract painting using dirt because I think a lot about my behaviour sometimes and how it can dirty my conscience. I figured dirt as a medium would be a great symbolic choice because the root word of dirty is dirt. And I wanted to treat the canvas like a white shirt you don’t want to spill on, or a white pair of shoes you don’t want to scuff. So I made the choice to not paint the entire surface but to have the canvas partly visible, so that we can see the original condition of the surface in contrast with the dirt.