Dune Dewulf, Leffrinckoucke

I climb a 12 ft tall hill repeatedly until having climbed the equivalent distance of a 12,000 ft mountain. The project takes inspiration from the idiom “make mountains out of molehills”, which refers to the behaviour that is the over-reaction to minor issues.

I was reading a few articles on Carl Jung and psychology when I came across an interesting form of expression, “…and then we make mountains out of molehills”. This section of the article discussed different symptoms of severe anxiety such as how we can make our problems worse than they actually are. The idiom had me question how often and to what extent I may be doing this to myself.

I quickly decided to literally act out the idiom. The best case scenario being that it might help me to better understand when I might be over reacting and the worst case scenario being that I get a good exercise.

What I particularly like about the project is that it demonstrates how a simple obstacle can become challenging, stressful, exhausting and maybe even dangerous.

Climbing A Mountain Out Of A Hill